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Learn. Share. Teach.

Open access videos, multiple choice questions, playlists, images, podcasts, discussions and groups for all health professionals. Tailored to suit your chosen speciality and individual learning journey, all while earning CPD.

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Social Education for the Health Community

Learn. Share. Teach.
Ediofy is a social education platform for the global health community. Using AI to deliver relevant content to suit your specialty and interests, you can learn from world leaders, department heads and colleagues or, share your own experiences and resources to teach others and accrue CPD time.
As Doctors ourselves, we know that privacy is everything. Ediofy gives you the ability to choose your profile privacy level. You’re free to share information with the worldwide hub, or create secure groups to share with your colleagues, your department or even just your study group. Hermit or hero - it’s up to you.
Whether you’re listening to audio files, answering multiple choice questions, watching videos, researching papers or creating and sharing your own educational masterpieces, you’ll accrue time towards CPD as you go. Compiling your report-complete with reflective commentary - is as easy as clicking a button.
Discuss & ask questions
Need to ask a quick question or want to discuss something? Cast your net out to the Ediofy community for some instant help or feedback. Not feeling brave? We’re all in this together so we’ve created an incognito 'Ghost' option so you're free to get the answer you need anonymously.
How does it work?

Why Ediofy?

With the demands of everyday shift work and continuing professional development (CPD), keeping up with our responsibilities can be overwhelming – especially for those of us in training.

Ediofy is a dedicated hub where you can access and share educational content and experiences, manage your CPD, and foster social connections.

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